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A Short History


The original  communications ink was started in the mid 1980’s as a part time public relations and writing venture. Its founder was a young, entrepreneurial,  working, San Francisco single mom.  The fledgling freelance business was inspired by a colleague’s launch of his own company, Black Ink.

Surviving alongside stints as a pr account exec, newspaper editor, reporter, and special events promotions director,  communications ink, transitioned into a full time business in the late 1980’s. Word of mouth brought in long and short term clients. The one woman business successfully created local, regional, and national pr campaigns, and high profile special events, for major retailers, food and travel businesses, Sesquicentennial celebrations, festivals, and fundraisers, adding print and broadcast advertising production, and ghostwriting services.

After a decades long and thriving journalism, public relations and special event run, this entrepreneur began to explore other kinds of writing. The original name was changed to Communications Ink West in 2014, to differentiate the business from those many others who adopted my original title as their own. Although my favorite clients still enjoy the benefits of my professional skills, I have expanded my writing, editing, and coaching life. It is the future.



I’ve always suffered from a tendency towards creating careless and confusing sentence structures, so I’ve been appreciative of Patrice Garrett’s superlative help as my editor. When I was in college one of my professors commented that reading my writing was ‘like looking at something beautiful through fractured glass.’ “

 “She patiently spotted repetitious words, gangly, awkward phrases, and the many grammatical errors that punctuated my debut collection of short stories. Ever sensitive to the work itself, she offered suggestions as to the organization and unity of each piece, and enabled my voice to ring out true and clear.

 “Patrice is extremely organized, and every service was performed in a timely manner. This was very helpful in keeping me focused and on task. Any writer, using Patrice Garrett, wordwranglingwoman.com, as their editor, will be able to publish his or her finished book with pride and satisfaction.”

                             Jean Wong, Author of Sleeping With The Gods


Journalist/newspaper editor and publisher/non fiction articles/short and long fiction writer/public relations professional/newsletters, brochures, ghosting/how-to-manuals/press releases/PSA’s/print ad copy/broadcast scripts – production supervision/media communication/special events.

Editing Services

 Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Long Fiction, Book Chapters,
Nonfiction, Media Pitch Letters, Press Releases, Website Content 

Simple Copy & Line Edits 

Free estimates for your project and sample edits are available
upon submission 
of:  3 – 4 pages of  manuscript.*   

Basic rates 2 – 3  pages per hour              $50

Spelling, tense issues, word choices, cliché, dialogue and
sentence structure, language flow, punctuation suggestions.

          Substantial Edits                 

Basic rates  1 – 2  pages per hour                  $50

 Addition of structural suggestions, stylistic barriers to flow and cohesion.


Free estimates for your project and sample edits are available
upon submission of:  1 – 3 pages of  manuscript.*  

*Average per page word count 250, double-spaced, 12 point type.

 Website Content

 Free estimates provided per your specific project.

Design Concept  –  $45

What graphic look you envision. Website layout ideas. Custom banner concepts.

Custom Content Writing  – $40 per hour  (No fee research.)


AUTHOR EDITING: Manuscripts – fiction and non-fiction; articles, website content. Clarifying and/or reorganizing content for structure, language flow, jargon, meaning, media appeal. Complete rewrites. Line edits.

 CUSTOM BUSINESS  WRITING AND EDITING: Press releases, brochures, websites, print ad copy, radio and television commercial scripts, newsletters.

I welcome your inquiries.

P. H. Garrett, wordwranglingwoman.com 



Writers and Authors: One-On-One Public Relations Coaching Package

Learn how to publicize your book and yourself – From a Pro.

I’ll share my 25 + years of experience as a public relations pro, editor, journalist and event producer. Let me teach you how to:

Write an effective press release – It’s a must!

Broadcast and print media reviewers, reporters, talk show producers and assignment editors are busy people. I’ll show you how to grab their attention every time.

How To Build a Media Kit That Works.

Simple secrets of media appeal.

Mastering Follow-Up.

Know what to say to make friends and be taken seriously by reporters, assignment editors, and reviewers. The way you pitch your story can make or break news coverage.Coaching for your phone pitch. Tips. Rules never to break.

Coaching for your phone pitch. Tips. Rules never to break.

Pitching Forms.

The best way to keep track of who you spoke to, when, and what was said, what you need to do, email addresses, snail mail addresses, and phone numbers.

What Media Should You Contact?

Current, up-to-date, media contact information. Up to 25 print and/or broadcast contacts customized to fit your needs.

Special Events and Advertising Ideas.

Brainstorming custom concepts and how to get them done.

Two Hour Session  $140   Includes Media List

Additional time available at $35 per ½ hour.



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    My name is Patrice Garrett. I'm a writer harboring the soul of a cowgirl. I have a penchant for the Old West. I believe, as do many others, that I lived another life and experienced the California Gold Rush first hand. My first two novels reflect my connection with the era.
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