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Hooligan’s Roost

Despite entreaties from family members, I did the worst. I bumped into a pretty face and brought him home with me. Finding a dog on the internet is kinda like online dating. It’s time consuming, and you don’t really know what the heck you’re gonna get. Nevertheless, I made an appointment to meet the guy, drove …Read the Rest…

There Is Something About A Horse

P.H. Garrett What is it about a thousand pounds of equine muscle and mane that draws the young, the old, the grumpy and the glad? My horse for instance; he is everybody’s sweetheart. Everyone wants to touch him, rub his neck and kiss his nose. He is, I admit, a friendly, sociable sort… and smart. …Read the Rest…

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

P.H. Garrett I thought I’d meet the cowboy of my dreams when I bought my beautiful American Quarter Horse. It was official. I was a cowgirl in the making, ready to fall in love with a lean, lanky fellow who looked good in jeans and a proper cowboy hat. Since that fateful day, fifteen years …Read the Rest…

As The Barn Turns

P.H. Garrett I came late to the world of riding. Dragging a borrowed saddle, a history of dance injuries, sweet dreams of cowboys, and a bucket full of shiny new brushes, I claimed my own small piece of the wild west: a young golden Dun with a hay belly, a sweet eye and not much …Read the Rest…

Siren Song

P.H. Garrett He was her siren song. His notes strung on rough good looks and a tall, sinewy  frame. Seventeen and hardly been kissed, she wandered into the urban jungle. He found her there, looking for adventure and indefinable freedoms. Her child-thin arm touched his face. She didn’t recognize the sharp tooth of his smile. …Read the Rest…

Unfinished Dream

  P.H. Garrett She swaddled her ankles in soft pink wool, pink as the tights that clung to her still slim legs. She wasn’t tall but she’d been told that her legs were amazingly long – a comment she’d always cherished. It made her feel special and powerful. Gave her a leg up, as it …Read the Rest…

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    My name is Patrice Garrett. I'm a writer harboring the soul of a cowgirl. I have a penchant for the Old West. I believe, as do many others, that I lived another life and experienced the California Gold Rush first hand. My first two novels reflect my connection with the era.
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