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There Is Something About A Horse

Posted on | June 28, 2015 | No Comments

IMG_8481P.H. Garrett

What is it about a thousand pounds of equine muscle and mane that draws the young, the old, the grumpy and the glad?

My horse for instance; he is everybody’s sweetheart. Everyone wants to touch him, rub his neck and kiss his nose. He is, I admit, a friendly, sociable sort… and smart. He’s a character too, with a soft eye. Whatever the lure, he certainly pulls his share of admirers. Visitors and barn mates alike bestow carrots and other edible treats upon him with and without my permission.

His active, prehensile lip enchants me. He wriggles it around like a short pachyderm’s trunk, nosing my pockets in search of good treats. He kisses my face, rubbing that upper lip back and forth on my nose and cheek and chin, never using his teeth…  and he allows me to grab his big face and give him loud ticklish “raspberries”, and plant kisses on his very soft, velvet muzzle.

And ladies of the pasture, look out for this gelding. He has caused commotion and laughter when he artfully sidles up to a nearby mare and starts to nibble and nip. He often successfully works his teeth around to the tail end of his chosen friend and when she finally decides to move away, he grabs her tail in his not-so- pearly teeth and hangs on. It is quite a sight to watch the girls try to walk off while he digs in and holds on.

When folks come up to him to say hello, they are rewarded with sweet vibes. And I am reminded of how giving he is and how lucky I am to share my life with this huge, still partly wild creature. His kindness makes me smile, watching the majesty of him run at liberty takes my breath away, his willingness to partner with me is a gift.

The bond between humans and equines is both ancient and of today. There is something about a horse.


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