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Welcome to WordWranglingWoman.com

In these pages and posts you’ll find a variety of experiences and information. I’ve jumped the fence from business writing and editing, into writing for pleasure—my own—and hopefully for your enjoyment, too.

For Pleasure

Check my posts for long fiction and short, memoir pieces, and even a peek into the pages of my novel-in-progress. I write in many genres, from romance to scary. Of course my first novel is set in the Old & Wild West, and is populated by rugged cowboys, Indians of the era, interesting women, despicable villains, and the wonderful horses that share their adventures. You’ll also find week-to-week chatter about a writer cum modern-day cowgirl’s life, information about books worth reading, links to helpful writing sites, and see a scattering of photos I’ve taken. I look forward to your comments.

For Business

If you have business writing needs, I may be able to assist. I’ve been writing successfully for newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and broadcast media for 20 years. My clients enjoy local, regional and national publicity—through effective advertising copy written to meet their needs. Interested? Click the Communications Ink tab. You’ll find sample press releases, brochures, articles, interviews, links to website content, and general information about public relations and how to use it to your advantage.

I invite you to saddle up and hit the trail with WordWranglingWoman. It should be an interesting ride.


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    My name is Patrice Garrett. I'm a writer harboring the soul of a cowgirl. I have a penchant for the Old West. I believe, as do many others, that I lived another life and experienced the California Gold Rush first hand. My first two novels reflect my connection with the era.
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